Svitlana Korol


In the article theoretical questions of formation sources of financing investments   are  considered, the analysis of investment activities is carried out by the sources of funding for gas  utility. The purpose of this article is to identify priority sources of financing investment activities of gas distribution enterprises. The  methodology  of  research.  To  achieve  this  goal  the  author  used  methods  of  theoretical generalization; statistical and financial methods in the study of dynamics and structure of  investment; tabular methods to display the structure of the main sources of financing of  the  investment program of gas distribution enterprises; consistency and comparison, to determine the

relationship between the main components of investment sources of financing. As a result of research by critical retrospective analysis to determine the structure of sources of financing investment activities of gas distribution enterprises. It is established that the main sources of financing the investment program are the tariffs for transportation and supply of gas, says the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the areas of energy and  utilities (NCREU). It is filed the structure of the main financing sources of the investment  program of gas distribution enterprises. It is proved that the level of funding depends on the size  of NCREU rates and gas consumption. Scientific novelty of the article is lack in domestic and foreign areas of research priority  selection of sources financing of the investment program for gas distribution enterprises. The practical significance is that the theoretical concepts, practical results and conclusions of  articles that reveal the essence of the problem of investment sources of financing, can be used in  the activity of gas distribution enterprises taking into account the current state of development  of the economy.

Keywords: investment  resources,  financing,  investment  program,  gas  distribution  enterprises, investment needs, tariffs, energy consumption, natural gas, consumers.

JEL: M 20


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