First Reformulated Zagreb Indices of Some Classes of Graphs

V. Kaladevi, R Murugesan, K. Pattabiraman


A topological index of a graph is a parameter related to the graph; it does not depend on labeling or pictorial representation of the graph. Graph operations plays a vital role to analyze the structure and properties of a large graph which is derived from the smaller graphs. The Zagreb indices are the important topological indices found to have the applications in Quantitative Structure Property Relationship(QSPR) and Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship(QSAR) studies as well. There are various study of different versions of Zagreb indices. One of the most important Zagreb indices is the reformulated Zagreb index which is used in QSPR study.

In this paper, we obtain the first reformulated Zagreb indices of some derived graphs such as double graph, extended double graph, thorn graph, subdivision vertex corona graph, subdivision graph and triangle parallel graph. In addition, we compute the first reformulated Zagreb indices of two important transformation graphs such as the generalized transformation graph and generalized Mycielskian graph.


Zagreb index, reformulated Zagreb index, derived graphs

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