Characterizations of regular and intra-regular ordered $\Gamma$-semihypergroups in terms of bi-$\Gamma$-hyperideals

S. Omidi, B. Davvaz, K. Hila


The concept of $\Gamma$-semihypergroups is a generalization of semigroups, a generalization of semihypergroups and a generalization of $\Gamma$-semigroups. In this paper, we study the notion of bi-$\Gamma$-hyperideals in ordered $\Gamma$-semihypergroups and investigate some properties of these bi-$\Gamma$-hyperideals. Also, we define and use the notion of regular ordered $\Gamma$-semihypergroups to examine some classical results and properties in ordered $\Gamma$-semihypergroups.


ordered $\Gamma$-semihypergroup, $\Gamma$-hyperideal, bi-$\Gamma$-hyperideal

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