Topological monoids of almost monotone injective co-finite partial selfmaps of the set of positive integers

I. Ya. Chuchman, O. V. Gutik


In this paper we study the semigroup $\mathcal{I}_{\,\infty}^{?\nearrow}(\mathbb{N})$ of partial co-finite almost monotone bijective transformations of the set of positive integers $\mathbb{N}$. We show that the semigroup $\mathcal{I}_{\,\infty}^{?\nearrow}(\mathbb{N})$ has algebraic properties similar to the bicyclic semigroup: it is bisimple and all of its non-trivial group homomorphisms are either isomorphisms or group homomorphisms. Also we prove that every Baire topology $\tau$ on $\mathcal{I}_{\,\infty}^{?\nearrow}(\mathbb{N})$ such that $(\mathcal{I}_{\infty}^{\,?\nearrow}(\mathbb{N}),\tau)$ is a semitopological semigroup is discrete, describe the closure of $(\mathcal{I}_{\infty}^{\,?\nearrow}(\mathbb{N}),\tau)$ in a topological semigroup and construct non-discrete Hausdorff semigroup topologies on $\mathcal{I}_{\infty}^{\,?\nearrow}(\mathbb{N})$.

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