Vol 8, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

On a complete topological inverse polycyclic monoid Article References
S. O. Bardyla, O. V. Gutik 183-194
Coupled fixed point theorems for weakly compatible mappings along with CLR property in Menger metric spaces Article References
L. Ben Aoua, A. Aliouche 195-210
Extensions of multilinear mappings to powers of linear spaces Article References
T. V. Vasylyshyn 211-214
The vertex Zagreb indices of some graph operations Article References
N. De 215-223
On the intersection of weighted Hardy spaces Article References
V. M. Dilnyi, T. I. Hishchak 224-229
A multidimensional generalization of the Rutishauser qd-algorithm Article References
R. I. Dmytryshyn 230-238
Analogues of Whittker's theorem for Laplace-Stieltjes integrals Article References
M. S. Dobushovskyy, M. M. Sheremeta 239-250
Coincidence point theorems for ϕ-ψ-contraction mappings in metric spaces involving a graph Article References
E. Yolacan, H. Kiziltunc, M. Kir 251-262
Representation of spectra of algebras of block-symmetric analytic functions of bounded type Article References
V. V. Kravtsiv, A. V. Zagorodnyuk 263-271
A Worpitzky boundary theorem for branched continued fractions of the special form Article References
Kh. Yo. Kuchminska 272-278
Pointwise stabilization of the Poisson integral for the diffusion type equations with inertia Article References
H. P. Malytska, I. V. Burtnyak 279-283
On generalized complex space forms satisfying certain curvature conditions Article References
M. M. Praveena, C. S. Bagewadi 284-294
Family of wavelet functions on the Galois function base Article References
N. V. Prevysokova 295-304
Divisor problem in special sets of Gaussian integers Article References
O. V. Savastru 305-312
Application of the functional calculus to solving of infinite dimensional heat equation Article References
S. V. Sharyn 313-322
Vitaliy Ivanovych Sushchansky (obituary) Article (Українська)

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