Authorial School as a Phenomenon of Innovative Educational Practice

Oksana Marynovska


The article considers the authorial school as a phenomenon of innovative educational practice: it describes the nature of the concept of “authorial school” and ways of modelling the changes in the authorial school, defines the classification features that distinguish it among adaptive, innovative and experimental comprehensive educational institutions.While summarizing the results of content analysis, we revealed that concept “authorial school”, which is interpreted as a comprehensive educational institution with a high level of innovative capacity as the prerequisite and the result of self-development of its competitiveness using means of experimentally tested, original authorial concept of educational system of technological nature that provides stable and positive performance results. The competitiveness of the authorial school is an integrated quality of dynamic nature that characterizes the capability of authorial institution to achieve its own innovation capacity and manifests through the ability of its students to succeed in a competitive environment.


authorial school, content analysis, modelling, innovative educational practice.

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