Vol 3, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Ukrainian Participle and French Gerund as the Second Predicate of Non-Elementary Simple Sentence ARTICLE Reference
M. I. Kovbaniuk 9-15
Abbreviation as a Way of Coining Neologisms in Mass Media ARTICLE Reference
V. B. Velykoroda, N. O. Liabyga 16-19
Subcultures and Their Characteristic Linguistic Properties ARTICLE Reference
M. R. Tkachivska 20-26
“The EU” and “Brexit” Concepts in the British Political Discourse: Cognitive Approach ARTICLE Reference
N. Ye. Pyliachyk, O. V. Vasylyk 27-32
Typological Structure of German Phraseology Outside Germany. Quantitative Parameters ARTICLE Reference
О. Ya. Ostapovych 33-41
The Main Features of the Concept of POLITENESS in the German Linguistic World-Image ARTICLE Reference
R. V. Ugryniuk 42-46
The Lexical-Semantic Field of Impertinent Behaviour in Modern German ARTICLE Reference
S. I. Lypka 47-53
Efficient Vocabulary Testing Techniques ARTICLE Reference
L. V. Mykhailiuk 54-57
The Lingual and Pragmatic Characteristics of Occasionalisms in the American Media Discourse ARTICLE Reference
O. T. Siredzhuk 58-63
Multimodal Diversity of Postmodernist Fiction Text ARTICLE Reference
U. I. Tykha 64-69
Ludic Function of Precedent-Related Phenomena in Media Discourse ARTICLE Reference
Yu. M. Velykoroda 70-75
The Psalms in French and Ukrainian Literatures: Versions by Clément Marot and Taras Shevchenko ARTICLE Reference
O. A. Bigun 76-83
The Pluralism of the Artist’s Image as a Search of an Aesthetic Motto in the Goncourt Brothers’ Novel “Manette Salomon” ARTICLE Reference
N. Ya. Yatskiv 84-89
The Peculiarities of Iris Murdoch’s artistic method (based on her novel “The Black Prince”) ARTICLE Reference
N. I. Telegina, T. O. Butsyak 90-94
Metaphors and Similes in Contemporary American Prose: D. Tartt’s Novel “The Goldfinch” ARTICLE Reference
E. Ye. Mintsys, E. A. Chik 95-99
What Makes a Good Piece of Poetry: an Attempt at Subjective Analysis ARTICLE Reference
O. O. Kulchytska, M. P. Bodnarchuk 100-106
Poetics of Domestic Relationships and Conflicts in the Folk Ballad: Ukrainian-British Context ARTICLE Reference
O. V. Karbashevska   107-120

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