Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Methodological Problems of Modern Pedagogy Article Reference
Hryhoriy Vasianovych, Radoslav Mushketa 9-17
Researcher’s Academic Culture in the Educational Space of the University: Linguo-Axiological Approach Article Reference
Olena Semenog 18-25
Moral and Aesthetic Aspect of the Professional Training of Teachers Article Reference
Olena Budnyk, Oksana Kondur 26-33
Professional Mobility of Student’s Youth Article Reference
Liubomyra Piletska, Tadeush Wawak 34-41
Methodological and Methodical Principles of the Empirical Study of Spiritual Development of a Personality Article Reference
Olga Klymyshyn, Hanna Karpenko 42-47
Communicative Competence as a Subjective Determinant: Globalization and Personal Aspects Article Reference
Tetyana Pantiuk, Mykola Pantiuk, Iryna Voloshanska, Zoriana Burkovska 48-52
Research Gender Features of Formation of Student Life Scenarios Article Reference
Vadym Zavatskyi, Ihor Zhyharenko 53-57
Authorial School as a Phenomenon of Innovative Educational Practice Article Reference
Oksana Marynovska 58-63
Criteria, Indicators and Development Levels of Personal and Professional Component of Primary School Teacher’s Social Competence in the System of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education: Theoretical Analysis Article Reference
Оlena Varetska 64-71
Psychological Foundations of Spiritual and Personal Development of Students in the Structure of Social Mobility Article Reference
Yurii Zavatskyi, Marianna Toba 72-78
The Traditions and Beliefs of Highlanders as a Means of Self-Identity and Ethnos Preserving Article Reference
Inna Chervinska, Jaroslav Nykorak, Andrii Chervinskyi 79-86
Regional and Multicultural Education in Poland and Ukraine Article Reference
Andrzej Stępnik, Olena Budnyk, Tetyana Blyznyuk, Piotr Mazur 87-96
Historical Background of Inclusive Education Development in the Nordic Countries Article Reference
Natalia Andriichuk 97-104
Professional Training of Future Teachers in the System of Continuous Education Article Reference
Natalia Matveieva 105-109
Sociocultural Component of Teachers’ Professional Competence Article Reference
Maria Stakhiv, Halyna Boiko 110-116
Adaptative Potential Students as Internal Resources Mastery Under Transformation of Society Article Reference
Nataliya Zavatska, Ulyana Mykhaylyshyn 117-125
The Substantial Characteristics of Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of Future Primary School Teachers’ Professional Self-Development Article Reference
Artem Smoliuk 126-132
Educating to Forgive as an Expression of Concern for Order in a Person's Natural Environment. Part. 1: Evil and Harm in the Life of a Human Person and the Source of the Need to Forgive Article Reference
Michał Wyrostkiewicz 133-139
Theoretical Aspects of the Use of Electronic Educational Resources in Professional Activity of Future Teachers of Technology Article Reference
Iryna Smyrnova 140-147
Psychosocial and Pedagogical Means of Reduction of Hyper Dynamic Manifestations Syndrome Within the Affective Personality Disorder Article Reference
Liana Novitska 148-154
Using of Folk Art to Enhance Learning at English Lessons in Primary School Article Reference
Tetyana Blyznyuk, Karolina Nafalska 155-161
The Problem of Literary Education for Pupils of Elementary School Article Reference
Roksolana Zharkova 162-166
The LGBT-Heroes in Modern Foreign Fairy Tales (How to Read With Children) Article Reference
Olga Derkachova 167-172
The Value of Family Traditions in the Education of the Individual in Modern Society Article Reference
Maria Klepar 173-177
Readiness of Future Music Teachers on the Basis of the Praxeology Approach: Essence, Structure, Development Criteria Article Reference
Ievgeniia Provorova 178-185
Translator’s and Interpreter’s Professional Competence (Case Study: Bachelor and Master Degree Programs) Article Reference
Svitlana Zapolskykh 186-194
Humor as a Part of Interpersonal Communication Article Reference
Hanna Karpenko 195-199

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