Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Franko and Modernism: Compatibility or Confrontation? 160th Anniversary of Ivan Franko ARTICLE REFERENCE
Roman Golod 9-18
Precarpathian National University in the European Educational Environment ARTICLE REFERENCE
Igor Tsependa 19-25
Forming a Crisis Resolution Mechanism in International Law Article REFERENCE
Mykhailo Nagorniak 26-33
The Roman Catholic Monastic Orders in Eastern Galicia in the Early 20th Century ARTICLE REFERENCE
Oleg Zhernokleyev 34-40
A Word in Memory an Outstanding Ukrainian Historian, Academician Volodymyr Hrabovetsky ARTICLE
Mykola Kuhutiak 41-44
‘Author/Reader’ Dichotomy: Linguistic and Cognitive Intentions ARTICLE REFERENCE
Vitaliy Kononenko 45-53
Psychoanalytic Discourse of the 1920s-1930s Ukrainian Novellas ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nataliya Maftyn 54-62
Volodymyr Derzhavyn and the Artistic Ukrainian Movement ARTICLE REFERENCE
Stepan Khorob 63-69
Corporeality as the Hologram of Mythological Content (Based on the Prose of the Ukrainian Diaspora of the 1920s–1950s) ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olha Slonovska 70-78
Faith in God as a Psychic Factor in the Individual’s Spiritual Well-Being ..... ARTICLE REFERENCE
Viktor Moskalets 79-87
Signs and Symbols: Religios and National Dimensions ARTICLE REFERENCE
Ivan Ostashchuk 88-96
Social Psychological Mechanisms of Acquiring Sociocultural Experience: The Hermeneutic Aspect ARTICLE REFERENCE
Larysa Zahrai 97-103
Current Methods of Professional Management of the Head of an Educational Institution ARTICLE REFERENCE
Galyna Mykhaylyshyn, Oksana Yakymiv 104-114
The Diagnostics of Professional Focus and Value-Oriented Sphere of Personality in the System of Higher Education ARTICLE REFERENCE
Lilia Romankova 115-124
The Ukrainian Bandura as a Musical Instrument of the Chordophone Group ARTICLE REFERENCE
Violetta Dutchak 125-133
Halychyna. Journal of Regional Studies: Science, Culture, and Education. Twenty Years of Publishing Activity ARTICLE REFERENCE
Mykola Kuhutiak, Ihor Raikivskyi, Oleh Yehreshii 134-138

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