Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Innovation of Education and Educational Innovations in Conditions of Modern Higher Education Institution ARTICLE REFERENCE
Halyna Mykhailyshyn, Oksana Kondur, Lesia Serman 9-16
The Personality of a Teacher in the Good Doing of Academician Ivan Zyazyun (to the 80th Birthday Anniversary) ARTICLE REFERENCE
Hryhoriy Vasianovych 17-22
Theoretical Principles of Using Steam-Technologies in the Preparation of the Teacher of the New Ukrainian School ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olena Budnyk 23-30
Teacher’s Methodical Activity as a Source of Educational and Methodical Tasks ARTICLE REFERENCE
Svitlana Skvortsova 31-39
Formation of Teachers’ Digital Competence: Domestic Challenges and Foreign Experience ARTICLE REFERENCE
Tetyana Blyznyuk 40-46
The Proprieties of Stigma and the Situation of Human Life in Danger of Stigma ARTICLE REFERENCE
Magdalena Świgost 47-54
The Concept of Cultural and Educational Space in Pedagogical Discourse ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olesia Smolinska, Khrystyna Dzyubynska 55-64
Features of Formation Developing Educational Environment in the Conditions of Standardization of Primary Education of Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Svitlana Smoliuk 65-72
Understanding Diversity: Antidiscrimination Education and Intercultural Education ARTICLE REFERENCE
Katarzyna Smoter 73-79
Inclusive Education in Schools: Organizational-Pedagogical Aspects of the Problem ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nataliia Matveieva 80-87
Circular Economy as an Important Subject of Environmental Education in the Era of Energy Demand ARTICLE REFERENCE
Andrzej Kluczkowski, Michał Wyrostkiewicz 88-94
Professional Preparation of the Teacher for the New Ukrainian Elementary School ARTICLE REFERENCE
Anna Voitovych 95-101
Christian Caritas in Christian Pedagogy ARTICLE REFERENCE
Leszek Aftyka 102-106
Features of Social and Educational Support of Young Parents and their Children ARTICLE REFERENCE
Halyna Mykhailyshyn, Olena Budnyk 107-113
Subjective Population of Personality: Socio-Psychological Aspects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Vadym Zavatskyi, Yurii Zavatskyi, Liana Spicka 114-119
Sustainable Development of the Mountain Territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Foreign Experience and Domestic Realities ARTICLE REFERENCE
Inna Chervinska, Andrii Chervinskyi 120-127
Contemporary Ukrainian Literature for Children and Youth in the Context of Multiculturalism as an Educational Practice ARTICLE REFERENCE
Tetiana Kachak, Tetyana Blyznyuk 128-135
Educational Potential of Fedir (Theodore) Dudko's Historical Prose (Based on the Story "Strybozha Granddaughter") in the Formation of Person’s Value Intentions ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olga Khomyshyn 136-141
Educating to Forgive as an Expression of Concern for Order in a Person's Natural Environment. Part 2: The Need for Forgiveness and its Effects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Michał Wyrostkiewicz 142-149
The Notion of Personal Moral Culture and its Impact on Ukrainian Language Formation ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nataliia Oleksiienko 150-155
The Activity of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Centres for Families in Ivano-Frankivsk Region (Ukraine) ARTICLE REFERENCE
Victoriia Stynska, Oksana Tytun 156-161
Selected Determinants of Children’s Helpfulness at the Early School Age on the Basis of Selected Schools in Myslenice County (Poland) ARTICLE REFERENCE
Monika Bajak 162-167

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