Vol 5, No 2 (2018)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Ecologization of the Origin of the Ownership Right on the Objects of Fauna in the Aquaculture Area ARTICLE REFERENCE
Anatoliy Getman, Volodymyr Shekhovtsov 9-16
New Boundaries of the Environmental Law of Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nataliia Malysheva 17-24
Ensuring Ecological Safety or Ensuring a Favorable Environment: Theoretical and Legal Justification of the Function of a Modern Ecological State ARTICLE REFERENCE
Vasyl Kostytsky 25-32
The Integrated Environmental Permit: Requirements of EU Legislation, Practice of its Implementation in Poland, Prospects for Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nadiya Kobetska 33-44
Contributing to Nature’s Recovery through Urban Agriculture ARTICLE REFERENCE
Jamie Matthews, Afshin Akhtar-Khavari 45-54
China’s National Plan on Sustainable Implementation of the 2030 Development Goals: from the Perspective of National Performance of Multilateral Environmental Agreements ARTICLE REFERENCE
Qin Tianbao, Fang Hou 55-66
Recognition of Customary Law and Institutions and Community Protocols of Indigenous People in Domestic ABS Legislation or Policies in Accordance with the Provisions of Nagoya Protocol ARTICLE REFERENCE
Hasrat Arjjumend 67-82
Legislative Regulation of the Production of Organic Agricultural Products in Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nadiia Bahai 83-90
Legal Regulation of the Emerald Network: National and Global Aspects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olena Bevz 91-98
The River Basin Principle of Water Resources Management in the Legislation of the European Union and Ukraine ARTICLE REFERENCE
Lesia Danyliuk 99-106
Protection of Space Environment in the Light of Perspective Challenges of “Space Wars” ARTICLE REFERENCE
Anna Hurova 107-114
Concept and Features of Legal Regime of Land for Domestic Waste Landfills ARTICLE REFERENCE
Tetyana Kovalchuk 115-121
Legal Environmental Constraints: General Theoretical Aspect ARTICLE REFERENCE
Galina Moroz 122-129
The Legal Regulation of Neighbourly Water use in Ukraine: Development Prospects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Ihor Myronenko 130-136
Carbon Tax Perspectives in Ukraine: Legal Regulation and Comparison of the National and European Experience of Implementation ARTICLE REFERENCE
Svitlana Romanko 137-144
Climate Change as a Threat to Environmental Safety: International Legal Regulation ARTICLE REFERENCE
Tetiana Sharaievska 145-151
Legal Regulation of Environmental Impact Assessment in Ukraine: Current State ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nazar Shparyk 152-162
International Legal Preconditions for Development of Student Forestries as a Form of Education for Sustainable Development of Forest Resources ARTICLE REFERENCE
Anzhela Slepchenko 163-169
Carpathian Ecological Network: International Legal Basis and Ukrainian Experience ARTICLE REFERENCE
Mariya Vashchyshyn 170-177
Solid Waste Management and the Practice Open Dumping in Brazil: Lessons Learnt from the State of Santa Catarina ARTICLE REFERENCE
Marina Demaria Venâncio, Kamila Pope 178-189
Environmental Conflict as a Socio-Legal Phenomenon ARTICLE REFERENCE
Zoryana Yaremak 190-197
Coping with Forest and Land Fire Regulatory Challenges in Indonesia: an Assessment to the Regulatory Enforcement ARTICLE REFERENCE
Isna Fatimah 198-210
Environmental Requirements in the Field of Urban Development: Legal Land Aspects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Solomiya Kostyk 211-217
Prevention of Industrial Accidents in the EU Legislation ARTICLE REFERENCE
Dariusz Materniak 218-222
European Sovereignty and Sustainable Development: Disenchanted Analysis of a Clear-Obscure Political Speech ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nathalie Hervé-Fournereau 223-226

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