Vol 6, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

The Philosophical Foundations of the Researches of the Inclusive Education ARTICLE REFERENCE
Hryhoriy Vasianovych, Olena Budnyk 9-18
Collective Mentalities in the System of Cultural Determinants of Social Competence ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olena Varetska 19-27
Formation of Complete Reflex Constructions of Future Pedagogue in the Educational Environment of Higher Education ARTICLE REFERENCE
Viktoriya Zhelanova 28-36
Determinants of the Teacher's Perception of Students at the Primary and Secondary School Level ARTICLE REFERENCE
Magdalena Jakubczak-Chodźko 37-42
Defining and Conceptualizing Geocultural Scientific Literacy ARTICLE REFERENCE
Tetyana Blyznyuk 43-49
Actualization of Leadership as a Key Category of Neoeconomical Community: Socio-Cultural and Educational Aspects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Anna Gribovycz, Oksana Kondur, Yaroslav Melnyk 50-59
Formation of Students’ Tolerant Attitude to People with Special Needs ARTICLE REFERENCE
Nataliia Matveieva 60-66
Features of Projecting the Higher Educational Environment in the Context of Training Teachers to the Organization of Dialogue Education of Primary School Pupils ARTICLE REFERENCE
Kateryna Fomin 67-75
Innovative Competence of a Teacher: Best European Practices ARTICLE REFERENCE
Olena Budnyk 76-89
Labour Migration Influence on the Future Family Life of Labour Migrants’ Children ARTICLE REFERENCE
Ivan Krupnik 90-96
Development of Ukrainian School and Educational Affair as a Basis of Professional Preparation of the Youth of Ukrainian Diaspora in the Second Half of the XX-th Century ARTICLE REFERENCE
Oksana Dzhus 97-106
Integrated Education in Poland – Between the Explicit “Legal”/Legitimate and “Apparent” Dimension ARTICLE REFERENCE
Karolina Kołodziejczak, Katarzyna Smoter 107-112
Qualitative Aspect of Internationalization in Ukrainian Higher Education ARTICLE REFERENCE
Iryna Myhovych 113-120
Axiological Orientation as a Formation Factor of Gender Tolerance in Student-Age Population ARTICLE REFERENCE
Liubomyra Piletska, Vitaliia Dobrovolska 121-125
Higher Education of Sweden: European Standards and Scandinavian Style ARTICLE REFERENCE
Dmytro Zhelanov 126-132
Organization of Educational Work on the Formation of Valuable Attitude to own Health of Children Aged 6-7 Years of Life in Interaction of Pre-School Education Institution and Primary School ARTICLE REFERENCE
Larysa Pyechka 133-141
Pedagogical Psychology in the Research Activities of Stefan Baley ARTICLE REFERENCE
Mykhailo Podoliak 142-148
Philanthropy in Ancient Times: Social and Educational Aspects ARTICLE REFERENCE
Leszek Aftyka 149-154
Formation of Ethnic Consciousness of the Future Pedagogue in the Conditions of the European Educational Space ARTICLE REFERENCE
Maryna Vasylyk 155-160

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