Vol 3, No 2-3 (2016)

Table of Contents

Series of Social and Human Sciences

Educational Model of a Modern Student: European Scope PDF
Olena Budnyk 9-14
Education as a Genuine Social and Personal Value PDF
Nataliya Machynska, Yuliya Derkach 15-20
Innovative Processes in Education: Scientific Approaches PDF
Оksana Marynovska 21-25
Multimedia as a Tool of Patriotic Education of Students PDF
Hryhoriy Vasianovych 26-31
Infoethics – a New Trend in the Science PDF
Michał Wyrostkiewicz 32-38
"Crossroads" of Culture and Education as a Methodological Basis for Modern Pedagogy Content Formation PDF
Olesia Smolinska, Khrystyna Dzyubynska 39-49
Burnout as a Selected Aspect Affecting the Work Performance of a Social Worker PDF
Lenka Lachytová, Peter Kalanin 50-57
Volunteer Activity in the Context of Formation of Social Intellect of Future Specialists in Social Work PDF
Tatsiana Sokolova 58-61
A Healthy Lifestyle in the Opinion of Junior High School Students From Myślenice District (Poland) PDF
Piotr Mazur, Monika Łętocha 62-67
The Problem of Healthkeeping of Children and Youth in Polish Educational Thought at the XV- beginning of XX century PDF
Larysa Slyvka 68-72
Formation of Students’ Socio-Cultural and Lingual Competence at Foreign Language Lessons in Primary School PDF
Tetyana Blyznyuk 73-78
The Mental Space of Game in “Our Mother is an Enchantress” by Joanna Papuzińska PDF
Olga Derkachova 79-83
Verbal Means of Persuasion in English Advertising PDF
Hanna Karpenko 84-87
The Quality of Seniors' Life in Their Natural Environment PDF
Lenka Lachytová, Peter Kalanin 88-98
Implementing Inclusive Education in Ukraine: Problems and Perspectives PDF
Iryna Dubkovetska, Olena Budnyk, Sergiy Sydoriv 99-105
Continuity in the Kindergarten and Primary School in the Implementation of the Contents of Laying the Foundations of Individual Value Attitude to Their Own Health PDF
Larysa Pyechka 106-113
Modern Scientific Research on the Development of Proactiveness of Preschool Children PDF
Victoria Agiliar Tukler 114-118

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