Г М Гуменюк, С С Чернявська


In this article the authorsdescribe a relatively new phenomenonin the tourism industry –female tourism. Inrecent years, the world has witnessed an intensivegrowing of the social and culturalrole of women because of some economicand political factors, and the impact of thepopular culture on our lives as well. Thus,this process of growing role of women hasaffected the tourism industry.For the last few years women travel statisticshas indicated that women consumersnow drive the world travel economy. Womenearn more, spend more and infl uence all levelsof travel industry. Women’s purchasingpower in the travel segment has never beenhigher. Young, old, single, married, widowedand gutsy – they are fueling an explosivegrowth in travel industry.For a long time, female tourism has beenregarded as a new separate type of tourismby foreign scientists. Some scientists havealready classifi ed female tourists and highlightedtwo main types of trips – solo femaletrips (tours) and trips in small groups.Ukrainian scientists and travel operatorshave just started the research of thistourism sector. There is very little informa-tion on female tourism in Ukrainian scientific sources, hence there is a need to studyit and put results into practice to develop anew product that will strengthen tourist income.The authors’ research has been build onthe works of foreign and domestic scientistsand also on the data of travel web sites. Thescientists have highlighted the main reasonsthat motivate women to travel and the majorfeatures of female trips. The text of thisarticle is based on detailed analysis of theinformation sources and the authors’ ownobservations.


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