Л В Чорна


The article reveals the role of interculturalcommunication in tourism in thecontext of European integration processesin general and its professional and appliedaspect in particular. Tourism developmentglobal tendencies are identifi ed on theWTO statistic data analysis basis as well asUkraine’s tourism issues are indicated. Theissues are related to state’s declared challengesto redirection of international touristfl ows in Ukraine’s favour and inbound tourismdynamics on one hand and to nationaltourism market integration into world marketand low level of established interculturalinteractions in national tourism on the otherhand. The intercultural communicationmeaning is analyzed due to close examinationof the published articles devoted to theproblem. Its professional and applied aspectis considered as the conceptual foundationof tourism activity both in multiculturalinternal and external surroundings. It createsthe ground for establishing interactionbetween different nations’ representativesat the initial stage and further planning,organization and conducting joint businessactivity in tourism. Thus, interculturalcommunication in tourism should be consideredas inseparable condition for interactionbuilding in tourism; foundation fortransnational tour companies creation andfunctioning; tourism business operating andactivity component; tourism professionalsemployment in joint ventures; the processof tourists’ learning world cultures. Certainattention is devoted to the implementationof the tasks outlined in the Strategy for theDevelopment of Tourism and Resorts up to2026, specifi cally to tourism industry qualitytransformation and its integration intoglobal tourism market. It is suggested thatquality industry transformation should beconsidered in the context of creation effectivecommunication processes betweenvarious cultures representatives and futureprofessionals in the sphere of tourism forbusiness activity in multicultural surroundingpreparation


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