Л В Польова, Б В Мороз


In this articlethe factors of infl uence of musical festivalsdevelopment of tourism in Ukraine arestudied in terms of possibility of bringing inforeign and Ukrainian investors for popularizationof this industry in the world touristmarket. There is considerable strengtheningof activity of young and experimental representativesof musical sphere on the modernstage of cultural development of Ukraine. Itresulted in appearance of numerous musicalevents. Due to the scale, some of thesemeasures, require bringing in considerableinvestments.Music festivals attract many foreigntourists due to their rich cultural program.The program of such events usually containsnot only a musical constituent but alsodifferent types of modern photo-exhibitions,artistic exhibitions, poetic appearances,lectures etc. It is possible to consider PortoFranko an example of such festival. PortoFranko is organized in Ivano-Frankivsk annually.Musical tourism is one of the most actualmethods of associating representativesof different social groups.In many foreign countries, music andcultural festivals are held annually, gatheringpeople from all over the world and attractingsignifi cant investments for continuousimprovement of the organization.Festival tourism increasingly coversmore and more visitors. Therefore, festivaltourism should give Ukraine an additionalincentive for development, borrowing methodsand forms of foreign experience.Thus, the musical sphere is an integralpart of not only Ukrainian culture, it is alsoa signifi cant part of tourism. Music is ameans of communication between people ofdifferent nationalities. Therefore, it shouldbe considered as an additional tool for effectivedevelopment of tourist industry inUkraine. Festival tourism today needs muchmore attention.Festival tourism as a factor in sustainabledevelopment of communities, cities,countries that really affects economic situationof any region.


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