Л В Ковальська, Т І Ткаченко, А Р Ковальська


The article defi nes and proposes themain criteria for the classifi cation characteristicsand features of a comprehensiveassessment of the tourist-resource potentialthat determine the state and prospects oftourism development in Ukraine. The methodicalinstruction of the integrated assessmentof the tourist-resource potential for theformation of a complete and rational representationof its content and the defi nitionof relevant concepts has been improved. Itis established that the assessment of recreationaland tourist resources is determinedby the ratio of the object and subject, whichincludes the following stages: allocation ofthe object and subject of assessment (recreation,recreation and tourism economy),the formation of criteria for evaluation, dependingon the scale and purpose research,object properties, development of parameters(evaluation scales).In accordance with the main points ofthe subject should conduct such assessmentsof recreational and tourist resources:medical and biological; psycho-aesthetic;technological.The recreational potential of the territoryexisting in a particular spatial-temporalreference system and used for recreation,recreation and recreation may be representedby different percentages of both naturaland social resources. It was established thatwithin the framework of integrated assessmentof the resource-recreational systemthe main role is played by the availabilityand condition of material and technical facilitiesand (national) tourism infrastructurein general. It is noted that certifi cationand assessment of natural recreational andtourist resources is one of the main tasks ofmanagement of recreational nature use. Itis proved that the analysis of the tourist andresource potential of the territory (waterarea) is the initial scientifi c base for the developmentof strategies and plans for tourismdevelopment at the state and regionallevels.


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