Р - Яніцка-Шишко


The purposeof the following research is the studyof the post-Hubert heritage in realms of linguisticsand culture in the Lubuskie Region.The research material comprises phraseswith the component «Saint Hubert (Hubertus)» as well as eponyms, for which thebase onym is the name of the before mentionedsaint present in the region e.g. inproper names of organizations, festivals,the rite places and texts as well as presentin the materialistic dimension of the cult.The research data has been excerpted fromInternet posts, local press, records of huntingassociations but also obtained via questionnairestargeted at hunting associations,talks with foresters, hunters, priests, theschool’s principle and the local community.The manifestation of the cult of SaintHubert are: the religious sites, the invocationsin prayers, naming schools after thepatron, using the anthroponym «Hubert» inthe names of hunting associations, organizingthe events, whose names stem from thesaint’s name and the schedule of the event isclosely connected with the saint’s life path.The gathered data proves the large extendof post-Hubert heritage which constitutesthe substantial part of the region andalso the nation heritage both in materialisticand nont materialistic aspects. Recently,for the decade, there has been the revitalizationof Hubertus traditions in the LubuskieRegion, which is connected with the popularizationof the saint’s cult.


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