П - Кржижановський


As a result of migration processes that tookplace after the end of the Second WorldWar, Gorzów Wielkopolski has become amulticultural city. Aside from Poles andGermans, also Gypsies (the Roma people),Tatars and Ukrainians have marked theirpresence here. Among individual representativesof the aforementioned minoritiesare Bronisława Wajs-Papusza, EdwardDębicki, Alfreda Markowska, Rozalia Aleksandrowiczand Michał Kowalski. Theiractivity has shaped the attitude of respectand understanding among the residents ofGorzów. The most famous person of thesepeople is Bronisława Wajs-Papusza. Thereis a monument in Gorzów, which remindher. Bronisława Wajs-Papusza is now consideredthe most outstanding Gypsy poetess.Her uniqueness consists in the fact that sheis the fi rst Gypsy poetess to bekept foreverin the collective memory of the Poles andGypsies. In her poems Papusza brought upissues that were important to her people;she worte about the tragedy of exterminationduring the second world war and aboutthe trauma of forced sedentarisation in thepostwar Poland.The Bronisława Wajs-Papusza Associationof Creators and Friends of Gypsy Culturecurrently works in Gorzów Wielkopolskisince 1995. The Association is the mainorganizer of the International Meetings ofGypsy Music and Dance Groups «RomaneDyvesa»: the event that has been presentingthe culture of Gypsies from allover theworld in Gorzów since 1989.


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