Exposition of mental schemes and copings in the confessional novel by svitlana alexievych «second-hand time»

Zinoviia Karpenko


The article gets opportunities to use the polyphonic confessional novel ‘Second-Hand Time’ by S. Alexievych for   a spiritual healing of the post-totalitarian societies. Such healing is characterized by a very important feature like the synthesis of the schema-therapy and bibliotherapy as a mean of solving the problems connected with re-socialization, humanistic psycho education of the present generations, personality self-education.
It is clarified in which way  the exposition of irrational beliefs and dispositions (schemes) and techniques of mastering, which are given in the form of dysfunctional child and parent particles  as well as coping styles of conquest, avoiding and overcompensation in the literary work, may enhance the understanding of  the causes of formation, the mechanisms of preservation and functioning of  illusory destructive and victim   directives in the collective and personality value consciousness depriving either personality or entire society of the  attributes of subjectivity, responsibility, and respect.
It is concluded that the author's position as to the limited re-paternity gives a chance to make an aksiocorrection of the present motivational discourse peculiar to the generations hurt by the Communist ideology and deprivation: to promote the validation and reconstruction of the negative life experience as well as strengthening of the productive coping-particles of a child and an adult to interrupt the pathologic transgenic transmission.

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confessional novel, Svitlana Alexievych, schema-therapy, bibliotherapy, psycho education, re-socialization, coping, limited re-paternity, aksiocorrection

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